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“Kathy, You Did Not Die!”

If there is, or ever was, a family that can carry on about nothing more than can mine, I have yet to meet them! Sitting in a medical facility waiting room yesterday, my sister picked up the morning paper, and at first glance, noticed the headline was NOT news of the previous day’s tornado and victims, but of a  “local fashion show!?! REALLY?!?!”

In defense of the newspaper, what she did not notice was that the headline was about a charitable fashion show benefitting The Salvation Army which does aide disaster victims.

She proceeded to rant, “Well, I tell you one thing, if I die in a tornado, I want to make the front page! I don’t want to be SECOND PAGE NEWS!” 

Laughingly I responded, “Some people make it their life’s ambition to NOT make headline news.”

“LOOK!” she says as she flipped the pages back and forth to emphasize the difference in location, “Right here, on the second page in a small paragraph, on the SECOND page,” her voice escalated as she read,”’Two People Die in Tornado.’ Now, if dying in a tornado can’t get me on the front page, what’s the point?”

At this “point”, Kathy didn’t even notice when Mom and I looked at each other, and yes, rolled our eyes~ in unison!

“It’s just not right!” By this time she had the full attention of the man across the room as well.

I tried to get her attention, “Kathy. Kath-thee.”


“Kathy, YOU did NOT die!”

“O, yeah!” She laughs. “But if I do…..”

I cherish time I get to spend with my family. Time with them is especially appreciated by me because more than 300+ miles separate our homes. Each member seems to have unique ways to see things. In my family, more times than not, those visions are reflected through laughing tears. And for those times that seem to leave me speechless, I try to keep in mind that even those times together are special~ they are gifts to embrace while here on this earth. So, Moma and I will just keep rollin’ our eyes and laughin’, because if there ever was a family that can carry on about nothing….


WOE: Cherish family and cherish times with them. One day time will be no more. Oh, what a day THAT will be, but in the meantime, cherish the gifts of family and time!  

Teacher: 1For everything that happens in life—there is a season, a right time for everything under heaven:
2A time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant, a time to collect the harvest;
3A time to kill, a time to heal; a time to tear down, a time to build up;
4A time to cry, a time to laugh; a time to mourn, a time to dance;
5A time to scatter stones, a time to pile them up; a time for a warm embrace, a time for keeping your distance;
6A time to search, a time to give up as lost; a time to keep, a time to throw out;
7A time to tear apart, a time to bind together; a time to be quiet, a time to speak up;
8A time to love, a time to hate; a time to go to war, a time to make peace.
~Ecclesiastes 3 (The Voice)

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