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A Proclamation to Praise~ “SHOUT!”

WOE: (14-0826)

“Tell the people to PRAISE!
PRAY- lift your voices to the heavens,
even to send the angels on My behalf!
Let praises reach Mt.Zion once again.
The people will rejoice at my judgements
because righteousness is My right side.
Let praises encircle Zion.
Take inventory of all I have there;
I protect what is mine.
I AM and forever will be their unfailing Love.”

…Praise is a significant part of God’s battle plans. He used it at Jericho, and He is using it now! Meditation was and is our preparation. Psalm 48, verse 9-10, tells us to “meditate on God’s unfailing love until the praise reaches the ends of the earth.” Once we meditate on His love and really know His love, we will not able to contain it. …

A Proclamation to Praise~ “SHOUT!”


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