Read the Word of Encouragement (WOE) that TheLORD told Bert Farias about how compassion moves Him… It is my hope that reading this reblog of The Flaming Herald blesses & encourages you as much as it has me. ~ag (aka. Neeter)
BERT FARIAS: “During an extended time of prayer and fasting I received this word from the Lord that changed my life.”
THE WOE:  “I do a work in you of pure religion. I do a work in you to place you among My captains. I do a work of love in you. I do a work of sensitivity to My heart in you.
“Behold My heart as I was moved with compassion for the widow at Nain whose son had just died. Behold My heart as I picked up the little children and blessed them. Behold My heart as I called and healed the blind beggars.
“I do a work in you to increase the fruit of your compassion. I do a work in you to increase true ministry. I do a work in you to make you more skillful in My anointing. As you’ve heard My servant say, ‘Truth and compassion equal skill in My anointing.’ I speak the truth, but I am moved with compassion.
“Truth does not move Me. Compassion moves Me. I am working both on your speaking and on your compassion, so that your life and your works would be found pure in Him who moves.”
NOTE FROM NEETER: Thanks for reading; Now, go to The Flaming Herald in order to read the blog post in its entirety and be fully blessed!

The Flaming Herald

Once upon a time a struggling missionary was having lunch with a wealthy Christian businessman. The businessman was caught up in all the deals he was doing and money he was making. The missionary was in dire straits financially, but never mentioned his needs, choosing instead to boast in the Lord and what He was doing in his life and ministry overseas. The businessman was insensitive to the needs of the missionary.

A group of successful pastors from large churches were fellowshipping together at a prayer retreat. One very discouraged and troubled pastor in their midst was contemplating quitting the ministry. Nothing seemed to be going right for him. His marriage, family, and finances had gone sour. Hope deferred makes the heart sick so he refrained from all the fun and festivities that the others were engaged in at this function. No one noticed him or paid attention to him…

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