South Arkansas, USA

Bio: Daughter since 1957; Christian since 1972; Mom since 1975; Wife since 1977; Mamaw since 1998; Blogger since 2014; Friend~ ALWAYS! Every relationship I have, whether it is with Honey or child or friend or mere acquaintance, stems from my relationship with Jesus. If my relationship with Him is not healthy neither are the others. My infamous motto is "In JOY, Adjust; Adjust & EnJOY!" My goals are to "Simplify!Simplify!Simplify!", to live my life in that "PEACE that passeth all understanding", to gain wisdom and revelation from God's WORD, to plant seeds from the fruit of His LOVE, and to be an encouragement to my friends & family. I aim to be a blessing by allowing Holy Spirit to lead daily and use TEMPERANCE to control my 'personality' as His LOVE is perfected in me!

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